Kids were the reason Neighborhood Church started.

Back in the 1940s,

a young couple named Bob & Lucille Willems moved from Dinuba to plant roots in Visalia. They noticed kids who would walk by their home to and from school so they created a space for those kids to let them know they mattered. Their plan to serve cupcakes and put up a volleyball net turned into parents showing up and those parents bringing their friends. Soon enough, there was no more room.

This community of people

became known as Neighborhood Church and it grew like crazy. What started in Bob & Lucille’s front yard moved into a pub and eventually landed in a field in northwest Visalia. Neighborhood became a different kind of church formed by men and women of great faith and clear vision, who led, served and gave … and Visalia is better for it.

A partnership was created

with Houston School, a low- income school in a challenging part of the city, that changed not only the neighborhood, but Neighborhood Church as well. Our capacity to love others grew as we transformed into a church that was For Visalia.

That’s what For Visalia is all about.

The heart of Neighborhood is a heart for people who are far from God, people who don’t know Jesus yet. We long for people to know that following Jesus makes your life better and makes you better at life. For Visalia is about who’s next. It’s about doing something for those who aren’t here yet.