How Can I Give?

The success of the For Visalia challenge depends upon each of us making gifts that are above our current level of giving. The process of deciding what amount to give is exciting because of the contribution you will make to God’s kingdom. But the process is also scary because of the sacrifice that it will require from us.

With prayer, creativity, and sacrifice, giving to For Visalia is possible for everyone! Use some of the ideas and tools below to help you get started.

Get Started

We’ve designed this calculator to help you creatively and prayerfully think about giving to For Visalia.

Build Your Giving Plan

Practice Priority Budgeting

Many families may choose to rearrange their financial priorities and give up something in their current budget in order to give to For Visalia.

Increase Giving With Increased Income

Sometimes we know of bonuses or raises that we will receive over the next 2 years. Families can decide to delay increasing their lifestyle and committing the increased income to opportunity.

Redirect Present Expenditures

Often we have short-term
expenditures or loans for special needs such as a car loan or a child’s college expenses. Once these loans are paid or expenses end, cash flow is freed up that can be redirected to For Visalia.


There are some incredible tax
advantages to giving appreciated assets such as stocks, bonds, real estate, etc.

Will You Take A Step?

We are asking everyone at Neighborhood Church to prayerfully consider making a sacrificial investment into the mission by taking a step in your generosity over the next three years.

Two Examples of Giving

Example 1

An individual has decided to do the following:

  • He is planning to purchase a car in mid-2017. His monthly payment was expected to be $350. He has decided to delay that purchase for 36 months and give $350 a month to For Visalia. ($350 x 36) = $12,600
  • He is also able to give $1,500 from a savings account.
  • He believes through faith that God will also enable him to give another $1,500 over the next three years to For Visalia.

($350 x 36) + $1,500 + $1,500 = $15,600

Example 2

A family of five is living paycheck to paycheck with no savings. However, after much consideration, they realize that they eat out once a week as a family for a cost of about $50 to $60 per meal. They have decided to eat out twice a month and to order water when they do eat out. The dad was also given a $100 a month pay raise. They decide to give $75 of that amount to For Visalia each month and use the rest for savings.

  • Savings from not eating out: $105/month
  • Savings from ordering water: $15 per meal x 2 = $30/month
  • Increase from raise: $75/month

($105 + $30 + $75) x 36 = $7,560

Build Your Own Creative Giving Plan

Use the calculator below as you begin to consider what you can give to For Visalia. As you check boxes on the left, customize your number in the corresponding box. Scroll to the bottom to see the total of the lines you’ve checked and added up.